Benefits and Applications

Benefits of AquaCeleste’s system:

  1. Apparatus requires no external energy (i.e., no electricity required—functions on Archimedes’ principal: buoyancy and gravity).
  2. Scalable in size—depending on use (i.e. household or community use).
  3. Adaptable taste—end user may adjust mineral content of water to desired tastes and nutritional requirements.
  4. Simple to manufacture.
  5. Easy to install and maintain.
  6. Low cost apparatus.
  7. Simple to use.
  8. Transportable and deployable anywhere, such as islands, remote and isolated locations, or disaster, crisis and emergency areas for on-site water treatment.
  9. Durable.
  10. Environmentally friendly.
  11. Extremely efficient and reliable with low manufacturing costs.
  12. Can produce potable water at extremely competitive price: less than 1 cent per liter.



  • Can only treat biologically contaminated waters and not waters contaminated by heavy metals.



  • Household and community use
  • Natural disaster or crisis areas for on-site water treatment. Disaster locations can be
    aided by this device due to its portability, simplicity and energy-free mechanism.
  • Remote areas with no infrastructure such as remote islands, farm lands and cabins
  • Environmentally friendly applications
  • Industrial applications