The Technology

The device uses an automatic batch treatment; degrillage, granular active carbon filtration and automatic volumetric injection dosage of predetermined disinfection and mineralization solutions. The batch capacity of the prototype is currently 30 liters. However, it is scalable in size — the capacity can be reduced to a smaller size or increased to a larger capacity capable of satisfying the requirements of a town or community.

None of the components involved in the production of this water device require complex assembly or maintenance. The apparatus demands no external source of energy and is easy to install. AquaCeleste Technologies Inc. is looking to license or form a joint venture with a company that has manufacturing abilities. The manufacturing strength of our future partner will complement AquaCeleste’s intellectual property and competencies. This cooperation will result in a greatly enhanced and further simplified apparatus, as our current prototypes have utilized “off the shelf” parts for its components.

AquaCeleste water treatment system is designed to treat and disinfect rainwater
as well as surface and underground water. However, it cannot treat water contaminated by heavy metals. This system can produce inexpensive, clean and healthy drinking water with the desired tastes and nutritional minerals requirements.

The preliminary test results conducted by Cantest (called Maxxam Analytic today), British Columbia’s largest laboratory, of AquaCeleste treated water met every requirement of the Canadian Drinking Water standards. Test results are available upon request.