AquaCeleste Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver based company at the inception/development stage with a mission to make a humanitarian difference by bringing clean drinking water to developing nations in need. Its water treatment device purifies precipitation, surface and underground water for consumption. Its technology is patented in North America, Europe and Australia. The main reason the apparatus was awarded its patents is the ingenuity of its energy-free technology and simplicity. The water treatment device does not require external energy and functions on Archimedes Principle (buoyancy and gravitational force). A full list of the apparatus’ benefits is stated on the Benefits and Application page.

AquaCeleste Technologies Inc. seeks to form a joint venture, or enter a licensing agreement, with a competent company with manufacturing abilities and a global distribution network. The manufacturing strength of our future partner will complement AquaCeleste’s intellectual property and competencies. This cooperation will result in a greatly enhanced and further simplified apparatus, as our current prototypes have utilized “off the shelf” parts for its components. Moreover, the global distribution capabilities of our future partner will allow market entry into regions around the world that have remote or limited access to safe and clean drinking water. Furthermore, AquaCeleste seeks to partner with water related charities with extensive networks and expertise in developing nations.

AquaCeleste water purification apparatus has many applications. It is seeking to commercialize its water treatment device in developed nations and to use the profits to bring its technology and apparatus to developing nations for humanitarian purposes.  As such, AquaCeleste aims to be a social enterprise. 3.5 million people die each year due to insufficient access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (Source: UN Water, 2013). AquaCeleste needs the help of like minded organizations to contribute in reducing that number.